My dear friend Swannsonng
It's very interesting to me that her only occasion to post here was on my birthday this past year, and that she posted it 8 minutes before the actual time of my birth - which she remembered from 35 years ago!   We had been separated for most of those years but she remembered the date and time, and posted her pics then.  

She actually did that a few weeks BEFORE I found her again!    ESP, both thinking of each other?   I never stopped thinking of her...  

Ironically, she has Ambien amnesia for the actual event of posting the pics, but it was surely her, at the hour of my birth!   I think there is a deep meaning here, though I'm not quite sure what it is.    I know I love this woman though, and she loves me.   It's not easy with all the years under the bridge, but nothing worth having is easy, I guess.


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